5 Tips to Protect Your Online Account Password Chaos

John Balsavage

6th December 2018

Goals:  Blog series on Cyber Security – Digital Account Access Control and Mobile Security

Audience: CEO CIO Small Business, Small Business MSPs

Our digital activity is forever expanding and the most common practice to secure online accounts is the use of passwords.  User accounts and passwords have become a necessary hassle in our daily digital life.  These online accounts allow for improved personalization and usability.  Passwords are required to be cyber secure.    Whether it is for shopping, online accounts, business software or personal accounts, we all can have 50, 100 or even more online digital accounts that we want to be easy but have secure access.  For me, I have one fairly strong password related to my dog’s name, add in a number, throw in a special character and pretend that it is now my secure, un-guessable password.  Great!!!  Now I can use it everywhere!  WRONG!!!  Many sites have different password criteria.        

To make this bearable, I have 3 passwords that are a variation of my dog’s name plus a number, plus a special character, plus something magical to make it work.  Overall, not terrible because I can remember 3 passwords.  Even better, I can save my passwords online, on my computer, on my phone and on my iPad.

The Situation: I often forget which of the 3 passwords go with my online account.  I now have to do “Forgot Password”. 

The Dread: While the “Forgot Password” process is usually kind of quick (under 5 minutes), I often have to create a new password.  Do I create password version #4 based on my dog? Or do I need to make it from something else? I like football.  I can base other passwords on football teams.

The Realization:  My saved passwords on my computer don’t sync with my passwords on my phone which, in turn, does not sync to my tablet.  All of which I use interchangeably all day long.  Ugh! 

Even Worse:  My mix of devices and mix of passwords is causing me to do “Forgot Password” all day (and night) long.    

What I Want: I want the ease of online digital access; security of strong passwords, from any device, any browser, anytime and very securely.   

Solution: 5 Tips to Protect Your Online Account Password Chaos:          

  1. Centrally store all passwords. Never forget needed passwords.
  2. Access your stored password via single password, finger print or face recognition.
  3. Access your critical information on any device. Computer, Phone (iPhone or Android) or Tablet.
  4. Password Generator to provide very strong unique passwords, which can be saved but not remembered.
  5. Password strength indicator to make sure you are using strong passwords.

These 5 items will not only ensure we have secure online access, it will also save us many minutes every day.    

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