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Feature List

Monthly Price $0/mo $4.99/mo $0/user/mo $9.99/user/mo Contact Us
Secure Vault Up to 10 Apps Unlimited Up to 10 Apps Unlimited Unlimited
Digital Portal
Password Generator
Sharing Up to 5 Users Unlimited Up to 5 Users Unlimited Unlimited
Secure Notes Up to 10 Notes Unlimited Up to 10 Notes Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile App
Support Web & Email Web & Email Web & Email Phone, Web & Email Phone, Web & Email
2-Factor Authentication   Portal Only Portal & Apps Portal & Apps
Single Sign-On     Up to 3 Apps Unlimited Apps Unlimited Apps
Mobile SSO    
Social Login      
Identity Management     Up to 5 Users Up to 250 Users 250+ Users
GSuite/O365 Integration    
Reporting       Basic Advanced
AD/LDAP Integration        
Risk Authentication        
On-Premise Deployment        

All Business Plans are billed annually

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How does BeanLogin benefit consumers?

BeanLogin consolidates all of your apps, notes, and links in one place thereby saving valuable time (weeks across a lifetime). All you need to do is remember your BeanLogin master password and then you can access all of your apps with a single click.

Is my data secure within BeanLogin?

As a password manager, security of customer data is of top focus. We’ve implemented AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and slow hashing technique to secure your data. In addition, we offer 2-factor authentication options to add an extra layer of security and prevent unauthorized access to the vault.

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Why BeanLogin SSO?

As we all know, setting up SSO for businesses involves resources, time and money. BeanLogin SSO comes pre-integrated with popular business applications that can help businesses get started within minutes. Custom SSO integrations can be setup within hours as opposed to weeks projects.

Can I try the app before I subscribe?

Absolutely. Our free tier allows you to add up to 10 apps and share items with up to 5 users.

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