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BeanLogin Password Manager saves you valuable time by consolidating all of your applications, usernames, passwords, and notes in one place!

Password Manager

We all hate the dreaded “Forgot Password”. BeanLogin eliminates that and more. Our app will save you valuable time (weeks across a lifetime!) by consolidating all of your applications, usernames, and passwords in one place! Set up your BeanLogin account and store your passwords once. All you have to do is remember your BeanLogin master password and we will remember the rest for you.

Auto-fill Passwords

You can now leverage the power of iOS12 to auto-fill forms with your BeanLogin credentials in almost any app within the iOS platform. All you need to do is setup BeanLogin as your password vault within iOS settings and you are good to go!

Browser Extension

BeanLogin’s browser extension provides a seamless browsing experience to its users by automatically logging them into their favorite websites. As you log in to your favorite website, BeanLogin saves your credentials to a secure vault that only you can access. The browser extension then lets you log in automatically to your saved accounts across all of your devices.

One-to-many Sharing

We all use shared accounts. You can now share your Netflix password or even a to-do list, that you created for your next trip to Vegas, effortlessly with family and friends.

Password Generator

Most online users use the same password for about 90% of their apps making things easy for hackers. Having a strong and a different password for each of your apps will make your online accounts more secure. Use our strong password generator to create and save passwords on the fly.

and many more…

Password Re-prompt

Forces the user to enter the master password when accessing certain portions of the vault.

Secure Notes

A light-weight note-making solution that is sleek and simple to store WiFi passwords, links, server IPs, etc.

2-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security and prevents unauthorized access to the vault.

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