About Us

the application that makes your life easier.

Tired of the dreaded “Forgot Password”? Tired of storing 10+ variations of usernames and passwords in your brain (and forgetting them!!!)? So is everyone else! Today, the average person has 25 or more online accounts with associated usernames and passwords to remember, which most are keeping in an unsecure place. That’s where BeanLogin comes into play.

BeanLogin for Personal & Business

Founded in 2018, BeanLogin is a highly secure digital portal and password vault for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Tablets. BeanLogin also offers Enterprise Access Control, Single Sign-On, Mobile Single Sign-On and Password Vault for Business and Enterprise.

Our Goal

Save Valuable Time

Weeks across a lifetime!

Make Life Easier

Manage digital life easier!


Secure and Protect Data

Time is Money

Time is money – don’t waste another minute resetting a username/password or setting up a new device from scratch. BeanLogin was created and designed to make your life easier by storing your applications, usernames, passwords, and much more all in one secure place.